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It really made the difference.

“I’ve been training horses for 25 years and I have never had a supplement do what Equine Omega Complete does, from muscle tone to Anhidrosis, it is the best. In 2010 we had the Jr. Western Pleasure champion at the AQHA  Congress, the AQHA World Champion, the  2yr. Old Western Pleasure and the Reserve World Champion in Jr. Western Pleasure. All of these horses were on Equine Omega Complete, and it really made the difference!”


Gil Galyean | Gil Galyean Performance Horses

 I was completely sold.

“I was introduced to Equine Omega Complete at the Reichert Celebration this past year when a few of our horses had quit sweating.  Not only did I see the immediate results I was looking for, I was really impressed with how the overall condition of our horses had drastically improved within a few short weeks.  Not only did it cure the sweating problem, any swelling they were experiencing in their legs had completely disappeared, they were holding their weight better and their hooves and hair coats seemed to have improved as well. Within sixty days of initially trying this new product I was completely sold!  Now, every horse in our barn is on Equine Omega Complete!”


Rusty Green  |  Rusty Green Performance Horses

...Use it on every

single horse in my barn.

"I have been using Equine Omega Complete for the past four years. This is the first product I have felt strongly enough about use on every single horse in my barn. I have had outstanding results with it on all our show horses. These horses travel and compete extensively, and I find that Equine Omega Complete gives them the additional support they need to do their jobs and feel great.  Equine Omega Complete has improved their joints, hoof condition, overall conditioning and, of course, their hair coats are immaculate. In addition, since using the product, we have had no problems with colic, tying up or other stress and travel related incidents. Our program produced three AQHA World Show Champions in the 2013 year and each of those horses was on Equine Omega Complete.  I would recommend it to anyone."


Nancy Renfro  |  Nancy Renfro Performance Horses

All the horses in the barn receive EOC.

“Since being introduced to Equine Omega Complete, I have noticed improvement in hair coats, hoof condition, joint issues and overall health of the horses.  I started the supplement with my daughter’s 25 year old gelding - the response was overwhelming!  Now all the horses in the barn receive Equine Omega Complete. I’m extremely pleased with the results!  It’s the all-around supplement for the all-around horse!”


Mark Dunham  | Mark Dunham Quarter Horses

FACT. If they don’t get fresh green grass everyday,

they need Equine Omega Complete.


Equine Omega Complete is comprised of all human grade ingredients. We utilize organic mechanically expelled soybean oil (not chemically extracted), all essential amino acids and have the tightest ratio of Omega 3’s to Omega 6’s on the market today.


We use the healthiest type of all natural vitamin E (not synthetic), 3000 IU Natural Vitamin E per daily dose. In addition we have human grade deepwater wild caught fish oil. Regarding amino acids, they are the chief components and determinants of the characteristics of a protein; the building blocks of living tissues. Eighteen different amino acids commonly occur in the food supply and eight are considered essential because the body cannot make them.

Soybeans contain all eight of these amino acids.


Here's to happier, healthier horses...


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