Fresh Green Grass.

It's what our horse's were designed to eat... everyday.


FACT. If they don't, they need

Equine Omega Complete.


Equine Omega Complete is a complete supplement used by many top horse trainers, competitors, horse owners and veterinarians to provide the perfect fat for proper cell function.

Equine Omega Complete provides and supports

the following:


• Reduces joint and tissue inflammation

• Significantly reduces chance of colic

• Helps grow stronger, healthier hooves

• Builds a strong immune system

• Promotes A healthy digestive system

• Increases oxygen/blood flow aiding in conditioning & stamina

• Promotes a healthy reproductive system in stallions and mares

• Assists in proper cell development and function

• Promotes a healthy respiration system

• Reduces stress, anxiety and depression

• Provides all essential amino acids

• Builds bone density

• Helps block lactic acid buildup in muscles

• Helps regulate insulin production

• Has natural Vitamin E and other antioxidants


One gallon is a one month's supply for one horse.

$59.95 plus tax and shipping

A complete supplement, no additional supplements are needed.


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